As many of you know, peritoneal dialysis has been a challenge to work effectively for Mary Ashley for the last year. She has been a trooper though and the doctors have been trying to make it last until a kidney came through. It is becoming more difficult to keep her blood pressure stable, she is fatiguing easily, and her nutritional status is declining. It is essential that she gets a feeding tube placed. This may not be possible to do and keep the dialysis catheter. So, surgery is being scheduled in an attempt to place a feeding tube and keep the dialysis catheter, however, the most likely scenario is that they would have to pull that catheter and place her back on hemodialysis in order to get a feeding tube in. Please pray that by some miracle we will be able to keep the catheter and continue doing her dialysis at home and or that the perfect match for a kidney donor comes through very soon! Thank you so much to the many that have tried to be a donor for her!

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