Hello 2020!

This year we will embark on a new chapter in our journey to find Mary Ashley Barbot a kidney. After nearly 7years and hundreds of people trying, we have not been able to get her a match due to her high level of antibodies. Doctors in Los Angeles (Cedars Sinai) believe they have a desensitization protocol that will hopefully decrease her antibodies and make her an easier match. This will require MA and me to be in LA for most of the summer, and make possible many trips back and forth.

I am asking for your prayers and positive thoughts that we will be able to make this happen and that it will work. Dialysis is getting harder and harder for her. There has been tremendous thought, research, and prayer put into this decision.

If you have been tested for MA and were not a match, but are willing to have your lab work sent to Cedars Sinai to see if you could be a match through them, please let me know. I have a release form that would allow MUSC to send just that lab result to them. It would be ideal to have someone that they could target her desensitization to.

We will continue to be testing donors at MUSC if you are interested. Our family is so appreciative of the love and support we have been shown through these years. We know that has been a huge part of keeping us all going. We wish you all the best year ever!!

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