A vibrant rainbow of a girl happens to need a kidney. In this documentary, her friend Damienne Merlina talks about how she is inspired by Mary Ashely and why she is her shero.

Looking for a Lifesaver!

Our precious daughter Mary Ashley, was born with kidney disease and received a kidney transplant at just 20-months-old. We were so blessed by her first donor! His selfless donation gave her the chance to enjoy life to the fullest. Unfortunately, this kidney had to be removed.

Mary Ashley is in desperate need of another transplant and her best chance at finding a match is from a living donor.

Mary Ashley shows off her new cat-ear headband while sitting in a hospital bed in March 2018.

Due to antibodies, she built up to the first kidney and from numerous transfusions, it is very difficult to find her a matching donor. She is only a match for 1% of the population.

We have been so blessed by the numerous friends, family, and members of our community who have been tested to give her a kidney, Mary Ashley has not found her match yet. She has been on dialysis since 2013 and has experienced many complications, causing her health and quality of life to suffer. As you don’t exactly fit into the ideal lifestyle of a teenager

Our family would be so grateful to anyone willing to consider being a living donor. 

MA and Alli ready for prom

If you’d like more information about being tested, please contact Charlene Barbot at

We are so appreciative of the prayers, support, and the many selfless, caring people willing to give our child her life back!  Thank you!
Chip & Charlene