To the numerous incredible people that have been tested or tried to be a kidney donor for Mary Ashley, we want to thank you and let you know how much our family appreciates your willingness to help her! Our gratitude is beyond words.

Please understand that if you are going through the process and do not tell us, we are not given that information because of HIPPA. We may not know you are doing this and truly want to thank you! If any of you happen to receive a bill from this, it is a mistake! Please send to me or back to the transplant center. There are no medical expenses to the donor. I am told two people are being tested now. One for her, and one person for the exchange program. Not sure if it is any of my FB friends, but if so, thank you! Also, if anyone has tried to do this, but not able to get to the right person at MUSC- please let me know. There have been some changes in coordinators. Thank you again, and God bless you all for your love and support!

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