Important Information For Those Who Have Been Tested

To all of the amazing people who have been tested (done labwork) to be a kidney donor for Mary Ashley:

You should be receiving a letter from MUSC any day asking for you to return a release of information form. If you do not receive one please let me know if you would like one.

Letter for HIPPA Release Form

Explanation: There is a Nephrologist in Los Angeles that has developed many protocols to decrease antibody levels in people who are difficult to match due to high antibody levels. He would like to review the lab samples of the potential donors to see if there is anyone that would have antibody levels that Mary Ashley could be given medications to get her levels closer and match too. In order to review and choose a good protocol they need to look at the labs and, due to HIPPA, they can’t do that without a signed release. If they found someone’s labs that look good, they would then contact you to see if you would still be interested in being a donor, ensure that you are healthy enough, give MA the chemo protocol, then hopefully be able to proceed with transplant.
MA has now been on the list and praying for a matching donor for almost 6 years. This is the most hope we have had in a while.

This does not require anything of you but signing the release unless you are the match.
God bless you all for trying to give her life back to her! Please contact me with any questions and thank you in advance for taking the time to return this form. We are forever grateful!


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