Happy 12th Birthday, Mary Ashley!

From Charlene: 12 years ago was one of the most frightening and most blessed days of my life. After months of a very difficult pregnancy, my baby was having fetal distress and I had to deliver her early. Little did I know what a special gift we were getting. I will never forget the friends and family that were there to support us, the prayers that were being said ( my St. Francis family prayed together during the “Blessing of the Hands” service) Mary Ashley Barbot came into our lives fighting from day one! She also had an incredible peace and beauty about her from day one! My NICU friends cared for her so lovingly. Since that day, MaryAshley has continued to fight for her life, but she does it with Grace and an inner happiness that touches everyone around her. I am so honored to be her “Mom” and to get the joy of watching her grow and surpass the many challenges that we were told she may not be able to do. She is full of goodness, life, and hope! She has a spirit that reaches far and wide. Happy 12th Birthday my sweet MaryAshley! Thank you for all of the joy you bring us each and every day and for the many things you have taught us in these 12 years and for all of the people you have brought into our lives! We love you so much beautiful girl.

From Chip: Happy Birthday to my sweet Mary Ashley! Twelve years have been an adventure. You have taught me much more than I have taught you. I look forward to seeing you break boundaries, grow, find a kidney, and enjoy the next 12 years more than the first.

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