{1% Perfect Timing}

Wow! Just wow! I started reading this and felt overwhelmed with so much emotion and admiration for this lady, Kate Lee. I am so humbled and touched to read these words and to know that you are out there and care that much for my daughter. Your words brought hope, inspiration, peace, and love to me and my family. Then, I thought- wow! I want to be more like You Kate! I want to know that I care that much about others (even those I have never met) and will be able to give someone else the inspiration, love and support, and even an organ just because I care and trust where I am led! Thank you Kate for these amazing words, and for your efforts to save my little girl! I am sharing for others to read. I know they will be as inspired as I am! Many blessings to you and your family!

Kate also wrote about Mary Ashley a few weeks ago. Click here to read her first post, {1%}.

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