A Tough Day

As I sit here trying to clear my mind for bed- I can’t get this sweet face off of my mind. She begged me not to take her to dialysis today 😞. She sat in the car beside me and asked me why she doesn’t have a kidney. She told me, “I really want a kidney because I don’t want to die and dialysis makes me sad with too many needles in me. I want to be able to hang out at home- not in a chair at dialysis!” 💔. I usually try hard to stay positive and be thankful for our many blessings (and I am so thankful) but today made me sad and angry that she has to deal with so much. It is devastating to know her fears are very real and legit and that I can’t make it better. Mary Ashley rarely ever complains, and typically smiles through all she endures, but I suppose it was just a bad day for us both. My sweet Allison stayed at dialysis with her today to help cheer her up 😍. I will never give up Mary Ashley! #whenMommacantfixit #prayingforamatch #tomorrowisanewday

Mary Ashley poses with Yeti, Joy's dog

2 comments on “A Tough Day
  1. Chip Barbot, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

  2. Dialysis PCT says:

    Have you looked into home therapy? Home hemo or PD? So at least you angel wouldn’t have to go to the clinic and maybe be a little easier on her body? Also a “kidney swap” website. I hope she’s on the transplant site every where within a 3 hr. Radius(SC, GA, FL, NC).
    Blessings & good luck.

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