13 years of pure love 💗 This angel gives her all to being happy and sharing that happiness ever minute of every day. She has shown us how to appreciate life, smile through anything, and brought the most amazing people into our lives. Our blessings are enormous. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love you and I am so proud of you!

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Happy Retirement to Ms. Emma! What an incredible nurse. What a treat today as well that we got to see Dr. Raja. This is Mary Ashley’s transplant surgeon and our friend! He gave us the gift of having our sweet girl with us for these 13 years.

retirement1 retirement2

Please join me in sending up good vibes and prayers for one of Mary Ashley Barbot‘s little dialysis buddies. He may get a kidney donated to him tonight. Hoping all goes well! Saying a prayer for him, his family, the medical team, and the donor family. Blessings to all.

This video explains very well what we are preparing to do with Mary Ashley Barbot in a few weeks. It is a process of giving her chemotherapy with the intent of desensitizing her to be able to be easier to match to a donor. Please keep her in your prayers that it is successful and the side effects are not too harsh. Her doctor will be looking again at the many people that have tested for her to see if with this process she may possibly come closer to matching one. It is not a long video- and explains it much better than I can. Sharing this as many people have asked about why we will be doing chemo. Thank you all for the prayers and love you give our family. I can’t even explain how much hope it gives us!