Mary Ashley Update:

The last month or so has been a little up and down. Mary Ashley is fine, doing her hemodialysis 3 days a week. We thought we had a donor that, although wasn’t a match, was a close enough match that we could do a procedure called desensitization (chemo treatments) that would help her match this person. Unfortunately, this did not work out. I know things happen for a reason and it is for the best. Now, the plan is to hopefully find more willing donors to test to see if we can find some one close enough to target a match through this chemo process. Her doctor has gone through a huge list of people that have been tested over the past few years to see if anyone is close enough, and it does not appear to be the case 😥. God bless the many people who have tried!! Thankfully, Mary Ashley is doing pretty well for the moment and we get to love on those sweet dimples every day😍

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