Mary Ashley and Leslie

Leslie was approved to be her partner in the donor exchange. This is a huge step towards getting her transplanted! Grateful beyond measure!

We do not have a kidney to transplant for MaryAshley yet, but we have made huge progress today! Leslie Green, while not a match for Mary Ashley, is willing and has been approved to move forward as a partner with MA in the United Donor Sharing Exchange. There are over 300 people in need of a transplant in our country with a partner that does not match them, but willing to give a kidney to swap for their partner. This means MA can be tested to see if any of these partners would match her. If someone matches MA, and Leslie matches one of the other candidates, even if it is a domino chain of matches, Leslie will donate her kidney in exchange for someone donating to MA. She will not be giving up her kidney until there is a match for MA. The exchange happens at the same time. MA can have up to 6 partners in the exchange to increase she chances of finding a matching pair. I know it is confusing, but this is great news for us today. Not at transplant stage, but hoping this gets us closer and saves several lives all at one time!

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