9 years ago a young man became a hero for us through his own tragedy. Mary Ashley, along with others, received a transplant that saved their lives. At that time, MA was in ICU in critical condition. Since that day, we have grieved for the loss of this young man, but celebrated his heroism in a choice he and his family made to be an organ donor. There are no words to express how thankful we are to have been given these years with our sweet girl, to watch her grow, thrive, give and receive love, and enjoy her life so much! We have done our very best to care for this kidney, and although it’s time has come to an end, we will treasure this gift of life always! This would also have been his birthday. We will celebrate him tonight with a cake in his honor as we do each year. My thoughts are with his family today and always! There were so many incredible friends that stayed with us through the night while she was in surgery. We will never forget your kindness. Thank you also to Dr. Raja and the medical/ nursing team at MUSC for her care!

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