A Celebration

Today we celebrate a special young man. He made a choice to be an organ donor. When his life came to an end all too soon, he and his family chose to bring something positive to their tragedy. 10 years ago- he saved Mary Ashley Barbot! She was in critical condition and would not have survived much longer. We grieve for him and with his family for their loss, but we will celebrate him on this day every year. Because of him- we have had this special little girl to bless our lives and many others for 10 years. Although this kidney is no longer working, and she needs another one so badly, we would not have her here today without this young man’s choices. This would have been his birthday. So we celebrate him as well as the new birthday he gave MaryAshley. Our family has all made the choice to be organ donors and hope we too will be able to give back life to someone in need. If you haven’t given this any thought, I urge you to consider it, get informed and have these discussions now. What better way to bring happiness to an often otherwise devastating time. Now we hope to be able to find a living donor for Mary Ashley as it is so much harder to find a match now. We want to express our sincere gratitude to the many that have tried to be tested, and to those trying now and in the future. Blessings to you all!

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