MA 6-26As many of you know, Mary Ashley has been in need of a kidney transplant for nearly 3 years now. Many of you and your friends have tried to donate a kidney to her, and we are so grateful to each of you. As of now, we still have not been able to find a match for her because her antibody levels are so high. She has been on the national list, and has partners in a national exchange, but still, no match. Due to new technology, and our wonderful Nephrologist, she is now able to be tested for people with O and B blood types! Before it could only be an O donor. We are so hopeful that expanding the donor options will be the answer for her. Right now, she is doing hemodialysis all evening after school 3 days a week. She is such a trooper, and loves everyone and every moment to the fullest. Please share this with anyone you think may be interested in being tested. All information can be found on this site! Check out the Donor Information tab to learn more. We know things happen in perfect timing, and that the perfect match is out there somewhere. Thank you all for your love and support! We have the best family and friends in the world!

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  1. Angela Arden says:

    I would love to help if someone could please mail me a kit to 112 Timothy Bradley sweetwater tn

  2. Kami R Ray says:

    Hi there please send me a kit I would like to test my address is 1102 South Loraine st Midland Texas 79701

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