Today is the ninth anniversary or Mary Ashley’s first kidney transplant. At that time, she was 20 months old, in ICU, and hanging onto life by a thread! A very special young man lost his life that day and we grieve for him and his family always. Through his tragedy, he saved lives because he and his family chose organ donation. He is a hero beyond measure! We are grateful to him and his family each day we see our precious girl smile and laugh. Though this kidney is failing now, it is the reason we have had Mary Ashley with us and still have her today! Mary Ashley truly loves her life, family, and friends and lives it to her fullest abilities! So today, I thank God for this young man, his family, as well as our family, friends, medical team, and community that have supported each of us. Many people have been so generous, kind, and compassionate. They have celebrated the good times and carried us through the bad times. We are so blessed by the wonderful people we have met on this journey and for the opportunity to witness so much goodness in this world!

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